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Black Clay Morel Nesting Bowls

Black Clay Morel Nesting Bowls

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Morel design is inspired by morel mushrooms. Each piece is wheel thrown and then hand carved uniquely.  Combined with a curved form, I am exploring this carving technique to both show of the nature of the clay while also celebrating unique glaze combonations. Conceptually, the idea of fungi embodies what I enjoy about selling pottery. Each new home, like, share or view is a type of unspoken connection between artist and audience.


This clay fires to a dark brown/black with its high manganese and iron content.


2 bowls are offerd as a set with matching shape, nesting ability and matching turquoise glossy glaze. I would suggest these bowls for either food use, or display. Personally, I would use these for chips and dip when entertaining. 

This item is twice fired to proper vitrification for the specific clay body used in tandem with a sealer applied to any exposed/unglazed clay. I only use food safe lead-free glaze unless otherwise specified. All items are microwave and dishwasher safe unless otherwise specified.


Each bowl is handmade and individually wheel thrown.


Exact dimensions upon request (I will be updating this soon)


Please note the quantity offered for consideration and choose the option best suiting your needs. Inquire for additional quantities or variations.

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